Among the many services we offer at Inhouse Building Design, we’re most proud of our 3D Modeling technology, which shows you exactly what your project will look like in real life before any construction work has begun.


Our 3D Modeling service includes:


• Scale and proportion representation, giving you a much better appreciation of the form and proportion of your project;

• Material replication, demonstrating how your project will look with different options including exterior claddings and finishes, cabinetry finishes, timber floors, or ceramic tiling;

• Layout options, including door and window positioning, fixtures, and furniture placement;


• Interior and exterior colour scheme exploration and feature element possibilities;

• Walk throughs and animations;

• Site setting realization, utilizing photo background insertion, streetscape creation, and view appreciation; and

• Sun studies, allowing you to see how the natural light works in each room at different times of day and different times of year;


Our powerful 3D modeling tools can take any building plan and produce realistic images that provide you with meaningful views of your project. This not only helps you better picture your future building, but it also dramatically improves your ability to make important design decisions before any building work commences.


To find out more about our 3D modeling service and how it can assist you, please contact our team.